hrough fashionable professional clothing employees become distinguished and unmistakable units to your brand. Like on a sports team it is team clothing that strengthens the feeling of communal identity.

With our help, your brand is not only the binding force but the “team” which your employees are playing for. Generali Deutschland Holding is composed of several insurance providers and financial service companies like Genarali Vesicherungen. ARTiS and Generali began working together in 1995 as a sponsor of a international sport event. We designed an exclusive sport and promotional collections for Genearli. Due to the wild success of it with employees, company partnerships agencies and their client database the collection was expanded. In addition to athletic, recreational and functional clothing, fashionable, high quality apparel, gifts and office supplies are essential ingredients to the Generali collection.

Over the years these products have not only made attractive gifts for clients but have become fashionable items for Generali employees and their company store. Generali owes the success of its brand image to the fashion and accessories collection worn and promoted by their employees, agencies and company partnerships. Our work for Generali is the best example of the ARTiS strategy resulting in successful longstanding partnerships. You Want to see more of our collections, ask for the access for our reference pages.






Corporate identity down to the smallest detail:

From the company building to the advertising material, global player Phoenix Contact pay great importance to a consistent corporate image and design.

The collections of ARTiS support this in the fashion and accessory area. Recognition and customer loyalty: The same values and standards worldwide have the highest priority at Phoenix Contact. This not only includes the high quality of the Phoenix Contact products themselves, also all advertising materials, right up to a
high-quality packaging system.





Merchandising articles are not just an additional sources of revenue but are vehicles for strengthening the brand experience which not only spurts brand loyalty but celebrates the brand image.

For years now ARTiS has worked with ARD Program Direction and the affiliated broadcasting networks like the radio station Bayern-3. Distinguishable, functional combinable and high quality professional clothing is particularly important for a media company. Whether an editor is on buisness, street teams are out promoting or employees are at work related functions and events, it’s the clothes that make the brand and the individual behind it.

You Want to see more of our collections, ask for the access for our reference pages.

ea viene utilizzata dagli inviati in missione, durante lo svolgimento di eventi promozionali, dal personale amministrativo.

Gli articoli di merchandise non solo rappresentano una fonte di guadagno,ma rafforzano il legame con il brend e ne valorizzano l’immagine.





Stylish professional clothing articulates a company’s personality and sheds new light to your brand. Identity, Quality, Comfort and Functionality as well as Versatility are essential ingredients to image clothing that dictate our design philosophy.

Innovation and passion are two essential ingredients to perfection, and Fendt Landtechnik is a perfect example. Like their tractors and harvesters FENDT is passionate about their product and especially their clients and fanbase. Whether at work or at home, this fashionable FENDT merchandising collection is a great gift item. Due to market demands, Fendt began working with ARTiS in 2002 with a promotional collection, which through its blossoming success evolved into a profit center. Merchandising is a vital tool for brand loyalty and has become a focal point to FENDT. With their large client base and fan potential which has reached beyond their target group, the collection has become an ideal marketing tool bringing great success with in a short amount of time. Through various international partnerships with various branches throughout the world including retailers and the FENDT-online store, the FENDT clothing collection and accessories are available throught purchase throughout the world. The fashion and fan catalog is available in multiple languages through direct orders.






HITACHI POWER TOOLS Europe GmbH GmbH is a sales and distribution company from the Japanese market leader HITACHI Koki Co. Ltd, a manufacturer of electronics, nailguns and power tools for professional use.

The HITACHI Power Wear Collection was originally intended for customers who bought HITACHI Power Tools but was met with strong demand in other branches. The combination of quality and a modern design but at a moderate price were all factors which made the Hitachi Power Wear Collection so desirable.

The sponsors of HITACHI Power Tools in motorsports. Within the HITACHI Power Wear collection there are three product lines namely Athletic Wear, Function Wear and Team Wear with additional collections especial for women, children and infants.









Employee safety is a top priority for all professional workwear and at ARTiS this our most important goal.

The media holding company Saturn is the largest electronics specialty chain throughout Europe. Saturn sells a large variety of brand name products in 230 stores across Europe. Saturn’s unlikely success story is because of their employees and their dedication, drive, creativity and initiative.

The work uniforms are an essential ingredient to this because it strengthens the customer’s perception of Saturn as a brand name and promotes professionalism.

In addition to this, these stylish work uniforms inspire a sense of solidarity and motivation. It is a vital element in the corporate communications.